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Taom Soft Chalk

16.20 117.00  (inc. VAT)

Taom Soft

A chalk for all types of snooker tips. The advanced soft compound creates more grip, and the chalk is easier to use. Perfect for players who seek maximum spin and control for high cue power. A clean touch, no residue. Enjoy kick free experience.

Comes in packs of one, two, six or nine.


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Single, Double, 6-Pack, 9-Pack

3 reviews for Taom Soft Chalk

  1. Dave Jaxx

    If you own a table? This is the chalk to use. Expensive, yes compared to other brands. However no other chalk that I have used, leaves the cloth and balls free from chalk deposits like Taom Soft. After hours of play, the bed Is free of chalk marks.

  2. Assim

    The soft chalk and the v2 are by far the best chalks i have used while playing snooker, bit pricey than other companies but wouldn’t change it or look back to other chalks! free of chalk marks on the table and kick free… seriously would recommend

  3. Peter

    I’ve used the first version and couldn’t make my mind up and experienced quite a few miss cues. But after changing the tip found it to be excellent and suffered no more miscues than I would have had with triangle. I think you need to make sure that you have a good tip that holds the chalk nicely. I ran out the other day and have hated using GT and can’t wait to try out the new version.

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