Future. Innovation. Revolution.

Taom is changing the face of snooker and pool by changing the very foundation upon which players rely: the chalk. No more miscues. No more kicks. No more bad contacts. Just clean, durable, reliable chalk.

Official choice of Mark Selby

#1 snooker player in the world & World Champion (2014, 2016, 2017, 2021)
“Taom is great!”

Shaun Murphy about Taom

World Champion (2005)
“The best thing that has happened to this sport.”

Official choice of Mika Immonen

Prolific pool player, World Nine-ball Champion (2001) & World Ten-ball Champion (2009)

“Taom is truly a breakthrough in the industry – all of the sudden, you don’t have to worry about bad contacts and can just focus on what’s important. I love it!”

Official Choice of Gareth Potts

TAOM proudly unveils the new professional signature Gareth Potts. The 4 times world champion and 3 times Chinese masters winner will represent Taom chalk and tips in the Chinese 8 ball pool since June 2019.
Welcome the Golden Boy.

Taom Fusion

Fusion is an advanced tip from Taom.

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Taom Pyro

Best allround chalk on the market for any cuesports.

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Taom Soft

A chalk for all types of snooker tips.

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Taom Snooker Chalk 2.0

Green Taom Chalk for Snooker version 2.0.

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Taom Pool Chalk 2.0

Light Blue Taom Chalk for pool version 2.0.

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Taom Pro Tip

A high quality leather tip made from a selection of the best pig skins.

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Changing the game