Refund Policy

Finnish consumer protection legislation dictates that the consumer has the right to return an order by notifying the merchant within fourteen (14) days after receipt.


The conditions under which an order can be returned are as follows:


  1. The order has been cancelled according to the terms of the trade agreement.
  2. The service provider has been notified within fourteen (14) days following receipt of the product.
  3. The product has not been used.
  4. The product is in the condition it was upon receipt and all parts belonging to the order are returned.
  5. The product is returned in its original package or in similar condition.


The product must be returned immediately upon cancellation of the order. When returning an item, the customer is responsible for any damage that may occur.


Defective products and products damaged in transit


Our customer service should be notified of defective products or products damaged in transit within 24 of receipt.


Taomtips Ltd. will compensate the customer for defective products or products damaged in transit by replacing the damaged item with a new, equivalent product. If this is not possible, the customer will be compensated monetarily in full.


The defect of or the damage to the product must be properly described and documented.


The defective or damaged product must be sent to Taomtips Ltd. for inspection.


Taomtips Ltd. will not replace or refund the product until the defect or damage has been verified.