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Taom Snooker Chalk 2.0

$17.00$124.00 (inc. VAT)

Green Taom Chalk for Snooker version 2.0.

Taom Green Chalk is the new revolution of chalk industry. No more miscues, no more kicks or bad contacts, grips the spin more than any other. Does not mess the balls or the cloth. Lasts almost twice longer than any other product on the market. Handmade in Finland.

Comes in packs of one, two, six or nine.



Comments given by this product:

“It help with kicks and bounces PERFECT STUFF” -Mark Williams

“It’s the best development in snooker in my lifetime mate. If we could get ALL players using it, we’d be close to 100% kick free snooker.”Shaun Murphy

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Single, Double, 6-Pack, 9-Pack

3 reviews for Taom Snooker Chalk 2.0

  1. Mike

    Love it. After the first nights play with it we had no kicks and the quality
    of the contact between balls is excellent. Having cleaned the table before
    we played, it looked pretty much the same at the end of the night, no chalk
    marks and this also seemed to prevent big bounces. It looks to be hard
    wearing too which helps with the price. Defo worth it though.

  2. Marlborogh Snooker

    Great Chalk, much better contact than normal chalk and seems to react better. Price is quite high though but hopefully in time price will come down.

  3. Fasih

    I tried the chalk from a friend who bought and its the best chalk ever been created for Snooker.
    Kicks are almost gone forever!

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