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Taom Pyro Chalk

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Taom Pyro

A chalk optimized for pool, pyramid and carom. A new technology developed for heavier balls, found by pool pros, saying it´s the best chalk in the game. Tested and recommended by many professionals. Maximum grip with a clean touch on the ball. No residue. Enjoy kick free experience.

Comes in packs of one, two, six or nine.


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Single, Double, 6-Pack, 9-Pack

1 review for Taom Pyro Chalk

  1. Adam Penwell

    Best one I’ve tried out the lot, smooth and when applied it stays on the tip perfect and easier to apply than others not grainy at all so doesn’t get on hands or shaft of the cue. Kick free experience and the grip and reaction on the cue ball were superb, only chalk that I can apply to my break cue super hard tip that will actually stay on there, also cleaning the table after a decent sesh now much quicker as there’s not chalk embedded all over and into the cloth. Awesome especially with taom Pro medium tip.

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